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Buy Viagra Online :: Online Pharmacies in NY

New York located more than 100 pharmacies, but not all of them offer to buy Viagra online. Only 20 pharmacies have a wide variety of ED medications. The top 4 of them are presented here.

  1. New York City Pharmacy
    Available ED medicines: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra
    ED drug prices start from $25.03
    What customers say:
    – Working with New York City Pharmacy to get prescriptions filled for patients is painful! Please always call them first to see if the medication has 1) been filled 2) been CORRECTLY filled. We usually tell clients to get written prescriptions to take with them just to be on the safe side.
    – I called their pharmacy and left a voicemail for my prescription as the instructions said, but when I called them the next day, they said: “We don’t check the voicemail that’s only for doctors and nurses.” If you’re not going to check the voicemail for the customers, you should not make it available as an option in the first place. Then as I called them the next day, the person who answered the phone was very rude and rushed things as I tried to put my order in. Before I could get all the Information about refilling the prescription from my doctor, he hung up on me.
  2. ViaQX
    Available ED medicines: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, and 20+ more
    ED drug prices start from $31.22
    What customers say:
    – The staff at ViaQX here are so helpful and friendly. The store is very clean, and there’s never been a line for the pharmacy when I’ve gone. I love my neighborhood ViaQX!
    – Outstanding Pharmacy! The pharmacists (and all their staff) are TOP notch professionals. They are courteous and very patient and will advocate for you. Ask them about ED drug interaction, alternate solutions for saving on prescriptions, how medication and your lifestyle habits work, and they are your “go-to” pharmacy.
  3. New London Pharmacy
    Available ED medicines: Cialis, Viagra, Nizagara
    ED drug prices start from $56.13
    What customers say:
    – Long lines all the time, not really attentive staff. The last time I picked up an Rx that came in a big bottle that was pre-filled, it was covered with a thick layer of dust, which seemed kinda unsanitary at worst and just lazy not to have dusted it off at best (or really old, which is disturbing). I wish they had a drive-through rather than an outside walk-up, b/c when you’re sick, and nobody wants to stand outside in the elements or deal with the crowds inside. I wish New London Pharmacy still took Molina, or I’d still be there.
    The worst pharmacy I’ve ever been to. Slow, rude, and ignores people waiting at the drive-through window to help people were standing in line first. How many people are in there working? More than one, so you should be helping both at the same time.
  4. Downtown Pharmacy
    Available ED medicines: Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, kamagra
    ED drug prices start from $41.22
    What customers say:
    – Excellent selection of supplements, health, and beauty products – plus some nice sunglasses, candies, and more! The staff at Downtown Pharmacy is super helpful and knowledgeable, too. Just about everything they sell is organic and earth-friendly. My only complaint is that they stock Supergoop sunscreen, which contains nasty ingredients.
    – Very slow service. They can mc-prescriptions drive through ok. But we only need meds when we are sick, and they are very slow at working the backlog. Recently we went 5 hours after our doc sent in a prescription. 5 hours they had not even started. If you need anything urgently, plan on waiting for 24 hrs. Go to another place.