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A Different Take On The Flu Vaccine

I really wasn’t interested in writing about the flu vaccine. I have already done a radio show on the topic but so many patients have asked me why I oppose the vaccine that I figured I would just reiterate the facts. Let me start by saying I don’t oppose the flu vaccine. If you want a flu shot..get one. I won’t take the jab but I will jab you if you want the shot. What I oppose is pushing pushing pushing the vaccines without regard to the science and the facts behind them. I strongly oppose mandatory vaccination. Every American has a right to decide what will be injected into their body. The vaccine promoters talk about developing “herd immunity” even though this term refers to people who have recovered from real infectious diseases and has never, to my knowledge, been demonstrated in vaccinated populations.

I am not alone in opposing the mandatory vaccines and questioning their safety… let me reference an article written by the Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. The article was entitled “Make 2017 the year to avoid toxins (good luck) and master your domain,” Dr. Daniel Neides, questioned whether vaccines have contributed to a rise in neurological diseases like autism and ADHD and argued that ingredients in them are harmful to newborns. He specifically referenced the formaldehyde found in every vaccine I have examined including the flu vaccines.

Ask your doctor or your pharmacist or your hairdresser because it seems everyone is giving out the shot these days…what exactly is in the vaccine besides the actual viral protein. The chances of them knowing the contents of the vial are vanishingly small. We were not trained to know..we were told …its safe.. it’s effective ..everyone needs one..just give the shot.

If the vaccine was grown in eggs it’s not a match for the wild-type a virus that was selected each season. If it’s not an exact match the vaccine is not effective. If the vaccine was grown in dog kidney cancer cells, or cocoons or aborted fetal tissue they vials contain those proteins…those are the noninfectious proteins your doctor is supposed to tell you about before you receive the vaccine…I for one do not want dog cancer cell proteins injected into my body. I don’t want mercury (which is still used in certain flu vaccines). I don’t want formaldehyde ( a known carcinogen). I don’t want polystyrene 80 ( known to cause infertility) I don’t want Triton x 100 (a detergent). I want soap on my body ..not in my vaccine. Oh, they say these just trace amounts but when you get an allergy injection they use trace amounts and you have to stay in the doctor’s office for 15 minutes after the shot in case you have such a strong reaction you might need a life-saving shot of epinephrine.! Certain flu vaccines actually advertise the fact that they contain Aluminum. Aluminum is toxic to the brain, the bones and the kidneys….ask your nephrologist. Aluminum makes your body react more strongly to the influenza viral proteins. The manufacturer would say it stimulates a stronger immune response and I would say it creates a stronger insult to your system that your immune system has to counteract.

You are told that pregnant women should get the flu shot. The package insert for the flu vaccine advertised in my medical journal says if you get the shot when you are pregnant you should call the manufacturer directly! Explain that one to me! If the flu shot is so safe why is it the number one recompensed vaccine in the vaccine court? There have been more monetary rewards for injury and death from the flu shot than for any other vaccine. Look it up for yourself. I could care less about local reactions to the flu vaccine or even the many people who get the shot and promptly get ill with a viral-like illness that the government says is a coincidence. How about the cases of encephalitis, Guillain Barre syndrome (ascending paralysis), seizures, neuritis, and certain strains of prior influenza vaccine have been associated with narcolepsy. Finally, more people died of the swine flu vaccine than died of the actual swine flu.

Why do the hospitals and doctor offices push the vaccine so strongly.? I believe you will find that they are financially motivated as the federal government uses this a measure of quality. The signs in my hospital suggest that if I get the flu vaccine I am protecting patients. In fact, scientifically proven fact, if I get the flu shot and then get the flu which happens all the time I am MORE likely to spread the virus to others. That’s right…If I want to protect my patients I should not get the flu shot. And let’s remember that 85 percent of the time the seasonal viral illness you get is not the influenza virus and the shot offers you no protection from this whatsoever.

The ads and the newspaper and the radio spots say that 80,000 people died last year from the flu. This is completely false. It’s a big fat lie used to scare you into getting the shot. Data readily available from the American Lung Association …which gets its data in part from the CDC itself shows that death rates from the flu between 1-3 thousand people annually. 1-3 thousand ..not 80,000. The 80,000 number is a statistical estimate that includes flu and pneumonia and as the ALA lists pneumonia is far far more common than deaths from the flu. Also, if the flu shot protects you why has the death rate remain unchanged even though we have gone from vaccinating 15% of the population to over 60 percent of the population. Here is a direct link to the actual data https://www.lung.org/assets/documents/research/pi-trend-report.pdf check out page 5 for the latest actual numbers and check out the sources at the bottom of the page.

Let’s look at some real science. Here are three articles that put the lie to influenza virus efficacy.

Study #1 Natural T Cell-mediated Protection against Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza. Results of the Flu Watch Cohort Study.PMID=21880755. This study showed that children that are given the flu vaccine have LESS protection from pandemic influenza the following year.

Study #2 Increased risk of noninfluenza respiratory virus infections associated with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine. PMID =22423139. This study showed that children that get the seasonal flu vaccine have a significantly increased risk of getting other viral illnesses the same year.

Study #3 Infectious virus in the exhaled breath of symptomatic seasonal influenza cases from a college community. PMID=29348203. This study conclusively showed that college students who had received the flu vaccine and still got the flu (and this happens all the time) these students shed the virus at a much higher rate than people who did not get the vaccine and got the flu. So the non vaccinated spread the flu LESS than the vaccinated.

So if you get the flu shot you are statistically more likely to get sick from another virus, you have less immunity against pandemic flu the next year and you are more likely to spread the actual flu infection if you get it.

The Cochrane Review is considered one of the few independent
sources of information about medical science. They looked at all the trials conducted and found that only around 15% of the included studies were well designed and conducted. Injected influenza vaccines probably have a small protective effect against influenza and ILI (moderate-certainty evidence), as 71 people would need to be vaccinated to avoid one influenza case. Vaccination may have little or no appreciable effect on hospitalizations (low-certainty evidence) or the number of working days lost. Furthermore, there was no reliable evidence about mortality reduction! So despite the propaganda, there is no reliable evidence that the flu vaccine reduces deaths or hospitalizations.

Last year every single patient I had to hospitalize with the flu (each one laboratory confirmed) had received the flu vaccine. That’s not science that’s just my own experience.

Let me close with not one but two quotes from actual scientists who have worked on the influenza vaccine. Their words are pretty clear and speak volumes.

Dr. Anthony Morris, a distinguished virologist, and former Chief Vaccine Office at the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA), states that “There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza” and that “The producers of these vaccines know they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway.”

Dr. Laver was a major Australian scientist involved in the invention of a flu vaccine, in addition to playing a leading scientific role in the discovery of anti-flu drugs. He went on record as saying the vaccine he helped to create was ineffective and [that] natural infection with the flu was safer. “I have never been impressed with its efficacy,” said Dr. Laver.”

These are the reasons that I don’t personally get the flu shot.