Preventive Medicine Associates, PLLC

Minor Skin Surgery

Lesions, roughly a ¼ size or less, depending upon where they are on the body can be excised safely and efficiently in our office. The area is numbed with the appropriate anesthetic, the lesion is cut out, the wound is brought together and sutures are placed in most cases. If it is a tiny wound, sometimes sutures are not necessary. Wound care is described and the person usually comes back in seven-to-ten days to have the sutures out and go over the pathology. In all circumstances that surgery is done, tissue is sent to the laboratories to confirm whether it is or is not cancerous or pre-cancerous, etc. You will always get a tissue biopsy from our procedures. If we feel that it is in a difficult or delicate location, we don’t hesitate to send you to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist if we feel that the surgery is not within our safety limits.